Monthly Archives: May 2009

6 Month Facts

It is hard to believe that Addie turned 6 months on the 18th…here are her stats from our appointment. 

Height – 26.5 Inches (50%)
Weight – 15.8 lbs (35%)
Head – 16 5/8 inches (42%)
We also graduated from Oatmeal to Peas, Apples and Sweet Potatoes. It has been so fun watching her explore new foods! She loves them, though I think she would prefer what we are eating.

Way behind

Well I have been not so good about updating the blog this last month, where has the time gone. We had a busy April and I cannot believe that it is May already. Below are the highlights from our Nichols Family Vacation to Palm Springs!

After our first swim!

After Riding the Tram —105 Degrees at the bottom a nice 70 degrees at the top!
In the Town of Idylwild…so fun! 

First Time Swimming! 
At the condo where we stayed!