Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Fun

This past weekend we continued with our 2nd Annual Santa Excursion downtown with the family! It was so fun, I don’t have any pictures of Addie with Santa (you’ll have to visit us to see the masterpiece on our mantle). However I was expecting screaming and that it is just what we got! We did manage to get a great family shot with all of us (she stopped crying for a moment). We did enjoy the Carousel downtown, great food and some shopping. Here are a few of the pictures from the day we spent with the family.

Two weeks ago when we got our Christmas tree – we promptly brought it home and set it up. This promptly brought on a drippy nose for Addison. So we waited it out to see if it was a cold or a new tooth. 10 days later and no change and a lot of research, we realized the it was the tree that she was allergic to. So Chris did some research and found that if we sprayed it down with veggie wash, rinsed it and let it sit out for 24 hours then we could try and bring it back in. So in our 19 degree weather last week, Chris and I took down the tree and dragged it outside, sprayed it down and promptly put it up in the garage to dry. On Sunday when we came home we brought it back inside. As you can see below Addison is helping us decorate (for the second time this season). However we are on day 3 and we have no runny nose! YAY!

Thanksgiving and Beyond