Christmas Cards

Since Christmas is around the corner I need to start thinking about cards! I have been searching for the perfect one at the perfect price and has the best cards at very reasonable prices. I’m excited to pick out the perfect one! Picking out the perfect picture is the next task! You should check them out!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we were able to take some time off and spend with family. The Christmas decorations are up, we have had our first Christmas party and our looking forward to a few more! I am looking forward to getting our cards out and some presents for the family!
This year I am going to use, because they have great layouts, many different cards to chose from and all the projects you can do. Not to mention they have some great discounts and offers going right now! No matter what you like, I am sure you will find something there! We are going to use them for our holiday cards, check out the link :
they also have great photo cards: Christmas photo cards to
I also have ordered calendars through Shutterfly again was so impressed by all of the options. Amazing deals. Here is a link if you are interested in the calendars. You can even order them to come with 18 months instead of 12. Highly recommend!!!
They have great sales right now!





Has it really been 2 months!

The Below picture about sums up our summer! We spent as much time on the boat as we could! We did spend 9 days in Orondo soaking up some of the 100 degree weather!

We did Seafair by land this year, it was a great day and we got a little sun!

We got to spend some time with cousin Finny before they left! He’ll probably hate me when he’s older for posting this photo, but we had a great time with Aunt Kim and Finny at the outlet mall!
Celebrating a friend getting Married! Such a fun night! THANKS EMILY!
We did the Puyallup – Addie loved it and I can’t wait to go back next year, because she’ll be able to do more rides! She went on some and had a blast!
Chris and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! We spent a wonderful weekend on Orcas Island~

Boating on Elliot Bay

This last Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity to go out on this amazing yacht! Addie loved every minute of it and it was great to see the city from a different view!

Our Summer in Pictures

Our month in pictures

No explanation needed…

February Recap in Pictures

It was a busy month – but we managed to get outside a lot and have a couple of fun activities!